The DUI Process


A number of routine events take place in a DUI case. Awareness of the DUI Process can impact on the outcome of the case. In the first instance, you will need to locate a reputable DUI attorney for advice. The lawyers know that a driver charged with DUI can feel overwhelmed with worry. If you reside in Marietta Georgia and have been charged with driving under the influence, you should seek legal counsel. The expert DUI lawyers at Webb & D'Orazio offer an aggressive defense from the moment of arrest.


Read the information below to gain a better insight into the DUI Process. The information tells you how to prepare for the hearing. Citizens that have further queries or those who are uncertain of how to protect their rights should contact Webb & D'Orazio immediately.




A police officer in Marietta Georgia may pull you over because of a traffic accident, a traffic violation or because he feels you have been driving erratically. The officer may ask you to perform specific field sobriety tests if he suspects you of DUI. The sobriety tests are all part of the DUI Process and will help the officer to confirm that you are intoxicated. An individual is not bound to undergo field sobriety tests. In reality, these tests are used to create a DUI case and to possibly arrest you.




On arrival at the police station you will be asked to undergo a breath test, a blood test or both. The acting officer will then "book you". The DUI process involves being photographed, fingerprinted and your driver's license may be confiscated. Under certain circumstances, citizens in Marietta Georgia are released on their own recognizance. However, the court judge may insist you post bail. In due course, you will receive a citation that will state the date of your court hearing.




The arraignment is the first official hearing. You will be charged with DUI at this hearing. You will be expected to enter a plea of not guilty or guilty. It is vital to have an attorney with you at the hearing. The DUI Process is complex and DUI attorney Robert F. Webb will appeal on your behalf.


Your driver's license will be suspended if you plead guilty. If you choose to plead not guilty, you should file a motion to suppress (at or prior to) the arraignment. This motion will form the basis for your defense. It is essential to hire a DUI attorney from Webb & D'Orazio, prior to the arraignment or you may waive all rights to file motions. The date of the trial will be set at this point of the DUI Process.




The case motions form your defense and these motions should be filed before the arraignment. The motions are intended to stop evidence from being given against you during the trial. A motion is designed to ensure an individuals rights have not been violated owing to an illegal seizure of evidence or an unlawful arrest. The case may be dismissed if the evidence is successfully challenged, or the court may offer a plea bargain because of lack of evidence.




The prosecutor must be able to prove you are guilty. Experienced DUI attorney Robert F. Webb will put forward a counter argument. The DUI defense lawyer will present evidence and call upon expert witnesses. The police officer or officers who arrested you may be cross-examined at the court hearing. At the end of the DUI Process, you will be found not guilty or guilty. Residents of Marietta Georgia who are found guilty of DUI have the right to appeal.



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