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Anyone who gets arrested for their first DUI in Georgia needs to find themselves a Georgia DUI lawyer ASAP. The reason is because many first time offenders are totally unaware of their rights and may be convicted, when a good attorney could have prevented it.


People without any court experience can be overwhelmed by the process. They may end up behind bars when they didn't have to. After your arrest you only have 10 days before you drivers license will be automatically suspended. Then you'll have a criminal conviction on your record. If you had contacted a Georgia DUI lawyer they would request an 'ALS' hearing, which is the best thing you could do. When facing DUI charges in Georgia, you want someone experienced in your corner to help you fight and stand up for your rights. DUI Attorney Robert Webb is just the one who can do it.


Georgia Penalties for First Time DUIs


Each DUI arrest comes with both criminal and civil ramifications. If convicted there are specific penalties you have to face. The administrative penalties are handled by the Georgia Dept. of Driver Services, or 'DDS', and criminal penalties are handled by the OCGA (Official Code of Georgia Annotated).


Your first offense carries less severe penalties than subsequent DUIs. This is dependent on whether or not there were any aggravated circumstances involved like death or injured persons. Here is a list of the types of penalties a first-time DUI offender can expect in Atlanta, Georgia -


Administrative Penalties:


  • Over 21, first DUI - $210.00 fine/DUI School. 120 days license suspension. If the driver qualifies they can obtain a limited driving permit.
  • Under 21, First DUI - Fines of $210.00/DUI School. It the BAC (blood alcohol level was less than .08%, a suspension of 6 months shall be applied. If more than .08%, the suspension will be for one full year.


Criminal Penalties:


The OCGA 40-6-391 lists in full the offenses that are relevant to DUIs and driving under the influence of other drugs as well.


  • First Conviction - This carries a minimum fine of $300.00 and a maximum fine of $1,000.00. It also can get your one full year in prison, with a minimum of 40 hours community service and DUI School.
  • First Conviction with No Full Year in Prison - You will receive mandatory probation for one full year minus the number of days you were in jail.


You have a lot of possible defenses when you come up against a first time DUI. It goes harder for those who have prior bad records for previous arrests. If this is your first time you are in a good position for dodging the conviction, if you are smart enough to hire a good DUI lawyer. Call a Cobb County DUI lawyer the first chance you get after being arrested for DUI. They will start your defense immediately! They have the experience and know-how to create the right defense for your specific situation. Make sure you call them!




We offer free consultations. If you have been arrested for DUI, you have 10 days to take action.  Contact us Today

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