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When an individual is stopped by the police for suspicion of DUI, this person may be given a field sobriety test.  These tests are designed to determine whether or not a person is capable of performing specific physical and mental tasks, such as those that are necessary for safely operating a vehicle.  These assessments, however, can be problematic for drivers who are 65 and over, people who are overweight and for those who have physical injuries or medical conditions.  Tests like these are not an accurate assessment of driving abilities for these people.


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Cobb County Field Sobriety Tests


Among the field sobriety tests  that are most commonly used are:


  • The horizontal gaze drill in which the person must follow an object (like a writing implement) with his eyes in order to assess eye movement reaction
  • Walking and turning in a straight line and in a heel to toe fashion
  • Standing on one leg
  • Placing the feet together, tipping the head back and closing the eyes while estimating 30 seconds
  • Closing the eyes and placing the tip of the index finger to the nose
  • Touching the thumb to each finger of the hand while counting
  • Reciting the alphabet from "A" to "Z" without singing


Field sobriety tests are the source of much controversy given that they are reliant upon the subjectivity of the officer who is administering them.  It has been discovered that there are many people who are unable to perform these tests while sober, which makes the decision to use them a questionable one.  It has also been shown that people with 0 BAC (blood alcohol concentration) were found by the police to be too drunk to drive.


In instances in which a person is charged with a drug-related DUI or a drunk driving charge, it is vital to discuss the details of the case with our firm.  Robert Webb is a Cobb County DUI lawyer who can offer a comprehensive defense strategy to help you avoid conviction and the many negative effects that such a conviction could have on your life.


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