Blood Alcohol Concentration


Blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is a measure of the amount of alcohol inside of a person's blood. The number of drivers one consumes is not a good measure of blood alcohol concentration because there are variations in body fat and body weight among individuals. A person's sex also affects BAC.


If a person's BAC is above 0.08, this constitutes drunk driving. This is something that has to be measured an established in a court of the law through urine, blood or breath tests. The amount of alcohol it takes for a person to reach the legal intoxication level can vary from person to person.


Anyone who is facing a DUI charge because of drugs or alcohol needs to seek legal assistance. You should contact Attorney Robert Webb for a consultation about your DUI circumstances. Webb is a Cobb County DUI lawyer and a former prosecutor. He will be able to provide you with a comprehensive and thorough defense strategy. The Firm Of Cobb County DUI law provides legal services to prospective clients in Dekalb, Fulton, Rockdale, Douglas, Paulding and Gwinnett.


BAC In DUI Cases


Blood alcohol concentration can worsen a person's ability to drive as the alcohol percentage goes up. Impairment may include loss of dept perception, concentration, reaction time, gross motor control, reaction time, peripheral vision, slurred speech, staggering, reasoning and a loss of motor skills.


Blood alcohol concentration is something that has to be proven in the court of the law. Therefore, BAC tests have to be accurate, valid and administered according to the law. People who are suspected of driving under the influence will be given a chemical test at the police station. If people refuse to take the test, they will lose their driving privileges for up to one year in the state of Georgia.


If you need help with a DUI case, you will need to contact The Firm Of Cobb County DUI, so your case can be reviewed.  It is important to note DUI is a very serious criminal offense. We will be able to provide you with the counsel and guidance you need. Contact our firm today, so you will be able to get the help you need for your DUI case.


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