Administrative License Suspension


Anyone arrested for DUI (Driving under the influence) in Georgia will not want to lose their driving privileges. Therefore, they must appeal against the administrative license suspension that will revoke their driving privileges. This can be done by making a written request to the Department of Driver Services. The request should ask for a hearing in regard to your license suspension. The written request must be forwarded and received by the Department of Driver Services in Georgia (DDS) no later than ten days after the event.


Those who need further legal advice should contact Robert Webb, an experienced Cobb County DUI Lawyer. The Marietta DUI lawyer will ensure your request is written and sent to the DDS within the set time. Robert Webb will build a competent defense and accompany you when you attend the administrative license suspension hearing.


General Information about the Administrative License Suspension Hearing


The DDS will contact you when they receive your written request. They will then set a date for the hearing. At the same time, you will receive a letter prolonging privileges until the case is heard. The automatic license suspension will be lifted if your hearing is successful, hence you will be allowed to continue to drive. Depending on the circumstances and whether you have hired an attorney, you may or may not have to attend the hearing.


Drivers, who refuse to undertake a chemical test as requested by the law enforcement officer, may lose the right to drive for twelve months. First time offenders who fail the chemical test, be it blood, urine or breath, may lose their driver's license for one year. A driver who commits a second DUI offense within five years may be suspended from driving for three years. Additional DUI offenses could result in harsher penalties and your driver's license may be revoked.


The Department of Drivers Services in Georgia are likely to suspend your driver's license if you drive whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or you are convicted of homicide by vehicle. Your license may also be suspended if you are convicted of a felony or you refuse to take a chemical breath test whilst intoxicated.


Robert Webb, an expert Cobb County DUI Lawyer looks forward to meeting you. Contact his law firm to discuss the matter further. Robert Webb is a respected DUI defense lawyer, who serves the Metro Atlanta area, Cobb, Gwinnet, Henry Clayton, Pickens, Paulding, Rockdale, Clayton, Douglas, Cherokee and DeKalb.


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