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Are you or anyone you know been charged with a DUI within the Cobb County area? Are you scared about what's going to happen to you, your future, your vehicle, and your driving privileges?


Anyone who is arrested and charge for DUI is facing serious difficulties. These matters require the immediate attention of a qualified attorney. If you need sound legal assistance and want to have a Cobb County DUI Lawyer handle you case in Georgia, then contact us here in Marietta, GA (Cobb County) as soon as possible.


You should contact Robert Webb, who is a Cobb County DUI Lawyer. He is located in Marietta, GA and is serving the Atlanta area along with these following counties in Georgia -


  • Paulding
  • Douglas
  • Henry
  • DeKalb
  • Pickens
  • Rockdale
  • Forsyth
  • Fulton
  • Cherokee
  • Clayton
  • Gwinnett
  • Cobb


and due to his former prosecuting experience, he knows exactly how the state is going to build a case against you for DUI. As a former prosecutor he has experience at every level of the Georgia DUI courts, from the traffic courts to their trial division. He has served as the Assistant D.A. for the Superior Court.


He has literally prosecuted hundreds of misdemeanors, DUIs, and Felony cases. He is quipped with a thorough knowledge of how these cases work, and what needs to be done to get successful results from the defense side of the charges.


He can give you the best advice on the penalties, your defense, BAC, felony DUI, Drug DUI, and license suspension. We are talking about 'The Firm' at the Cobb County DUI Law Offices. They are able to deliver representation and counsel for any type of criminal defense.


Georgia DUI Laws


Georgia DUI charges are divided into 3 different categories known as:


  1. DUI Less Safe
  2. DUI Per Se
  3. Driving With a Prohibited Substance


According to the O.C.G.A. 40-6-391, no person may be permitted to drive or have actual physical control of any moving vehicle under these following circumstances:


(1). The 'DUI Less Safe' Category


  1. Driving while Influenced by alcohol to the point it makes it less safe for that person to be driving.
  2. Driving while influenced by any type of drug (that includes OTC drugs and prescriptions), to the point it makes it less safe for that person to be driving.
  3. Driving intentionally under the influence of any kind of aerosol, toxic vapors, or glue, to the point it is not safe for that person to be driving.
  4. Driving under any combination of the above to a point that means it is less safe for them to be driving.
  5. This type of DUI can be charged even when the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is under the legal limit, depending on whether the officer in question has reason to believe you are showing signs of impairment in your driving abilities.


(2). The 'DUI Per Se' Category


  1. When someone's alcohol concentration reaches 0.08 grams or above, and takes place within 3 hours of consuming it and driving.
  2. The legal limit for anyone under age 21 is 0.02. Those who are driving  commercial vehicles have a limit of 0.04.


(3). The 'Driving with a Prohibited Substance' Category


  1. Anytime there are specific controlled substances that have been defined by law that are present within the person's urine, blood, or both. This includes both derivatives and metabolites of both or each, without any regard to alcohol being present either on their breath or in their blood.


10-Day Rule


Anytime a person gets arrested for a DUI, the officer is required by low to ask them to take a chemical test of blood, breath, or other types of bodily substance. Should the driver refuse this test, it is considered an admission of guilt and they will have their license suspended for one full year. If the test is taken and failed, then their license may still be suspended for as long as one full year. The driver will have 10 days to make a request to have a hearing (Administration License Suspension hearing) to challenge the suspension. A wise move would be to call 'The Firm' and speak with a Cobb County DUI Lawyer today so your suspension challenge can be done in time.


DUI Convictions - Permanent Criminal Records


Anyone convicted of DUI charges will have it go onto their driving record. This can cause a rise in your auto insurance premiums or even cause it to be terminated. Additionally, you'll have a felony or misdemeanor on your record, which can potentially have a negative impact on your future employment and many opportunities in your life.


Anytime you face a DUI it is crucial that you get the proper qualified and professional legal help to handle it. You should contact 'The Firm' ASAP so we can start our investigation process to help you with your charges by building you a strong defense case.


Are you or someone you know facing DUI charges in Cobb County? Contact a competent Marietta DUI Lawyer immediately at 'The Firm'. Get a consultation regarding your case TODAY!


We offer free consultations. If you have been arrested for DUI, you have 10 days to take action.  Contact us Today

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